Peregrine falcon talons tangled in discarded face mask – BBC News

The peregrine was spotted by photographer Steve Shipley trying to rid itself of the mask.

Source: Peregrine falcon talons tangled in discarded face mask – BBC News

One thought on “Peregrine falcon talons tangled in discarded face mask – BBC News

  1. The wearing of face-masks is not for the protection of the wearer, but for the protection of others, so wearing one is showing respect for others and acting responsible.

    But, then to discard it and then not putting it in a rubbish bin or taking it home to dispose of it is showing disrespect for others and littering the area you have been to.

    This is extremely disrespectful and shows that really this form of disposal is not respecting others and certainly not the UK wildlife.

    Whatever you take out with you, please show respect and your maturity in disposing of any items you have used correctly, this will then ensure the safety of others.

    Do not forget, whatever you leave behind there will certainly be a cost to the owners or the responsible authority of the land to clear your rubbish away and may also cause a loss of life or injury to anyone who comes into contact of your rubbish.

    To leave your rubbish behind scattered where you have been is a very selfish act and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Whatever you do always think of the consequences of the act on to others.

    So, be a responsible individual.


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