One thought on “Who will hold the police to account for racist acts that criminalise a community? | Race | The Guardian

  1. Unfortunately, racism will always exist from one degree to another, but what needs to be done is to reduce it as far as possible.

    However, for this to be achieved everyone and every organisation needs to look at themselves and their organisations itself to see if racism is there.

    The problem needs to be owned by those who are racists and the respective organisations, for to assume there is no racism will only cloud the issue and ensure that finding that racism exists will not be achieved or will be more hard to do so.

    If the same efforts to cover up racism were applied equally to uncover it, then there would be more success on finding the racist cultures.

    How often when racism actions are noted do we find that the people at the top of the accused organisations are more concerned to offer excuses or state there is no racism, rather than put, at least 100% effort to find it.

    For racism is there but, if you are not wishing to find it, then you will not and then it will flourish even more.

    Many, if not all of these organisations have mainly white persons in charge and therefore identifying racism is even more difficult for they may only notice the more blatant racist actions and not others, especially indirect racism.

    It is far more easier to notice racism if you are subjected to it, than if you are not, but not noticing does not mean it is not there.


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