Shielding Ended On August 1st

Myself and my wife have been shielding and now the Government have decided it is not necessary, so what is different now than when shielding started.

As COVID-19 gone away, No

As lockdown finished, well in some instances yes, but in others no

Do we still need to Social Distance, well, Yes

Do we need to wear face-masks, well originally no, but now, Yes in many instances

So, the Government has decided shielding for the majority is no longer required, except for the areas in local lockdown and on the watch list.

But there is not much different with regards to COVID-19, for it is still with us, and waiting for a relaxation of restrictions.

Is not the stopping of shielding not a relaxation of restrictions, so will those who have been shielding, now be in greater risk of catching COVID-19.

Will even more areas need to have shielding returned, will people who have been shielding now catch COVID-19.

Well, who knows, but does this Government care, well it appears no.

Same Difference

How do you feel about shielding being paused? Did you go out this weekend? What was the first thing you did?

More than two million people shielding against coronavirus in most of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland can now leave their home and return to work.

Vulnerable people were advised in March to stay at home, or shield, to avoid contracting Covid-19. In Wales the advice stays in place until 16 August.

But Macmillan Cancer Support said people in the shielded group do not feel safe enough to leave their homes.

It comes after the PM applied the brakes to easing restrictions further.

Meanwhile, Graham Medley, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which advises the government, has said England could have to consider closing pubs in order to reopen schools in September.

And businesses that have furloughed staff during the coronavirus pandemic must now start contributing

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