Children’s rights charity loses children in care laws judicial review : Community Care

A children’s rights charity has lost its bid to quash the relaxation of several duties to children in care, which were controversially introduced in April at the height of the coronavirus crisis. In a judgment handed down today, Mrs Justice Lieven found the Department for Education (DfE) had acted lawfully in consulting informally on the […]

Source: Children’s rights charity loses children in care laws judicial review : Community Care



One thought on “Children’s rights charity loses children in care laws judicial review : Community Care

  1. I feel the DoE won by the ‘skin of their teeth’, for they were on very ‘thin ice’.

    Any relaxation of safeguarding measures is a recipe for disaster and shows that this Government have no regard for the safety of children.

    The same could be said of adults, because in similar legislation they also removed areas of the Care Act 2014, again on a temporary basis.

    This is at a time when the already crisis in Social Care was being made even greater and shows this Government complete disregard for both children and adults in Social Care.

    An area which has been purposely kept short of funding for many years and certainly for the last 11 years due to austerity cuts.

    I feel that Social Care should be completely withdrawn from Local Authorities and be placed under health so that health and social care can be run in tandem, thereby cutting much, ‘Red Tape’, duplication of systems, a better use of finance and management, etc.

    I on behalf of my daughter use social care and during this lockdown feel completely abandoned by Adult Social Care and I am someone who knows much about using the services. So, if I felt abandoned there will be many others, both in children’s and adults services.

    Rather than reducing safeguarding legislation, the Government needs to, immediately reverse years of under-funding of social care, otherwise there will be no social care to speak of.

    But funding is but one issue, as there needs to be a complete reversal of Government understanding of Social Care as it is a essential as health care, but is not seen to be by this |Government and many previous Governments be they conservative or Labour.

    Also the public understanding of social care needs to change from that of a service that is not required, that is until they do need it to one that is essential and should be sufficiently funded on a basis that is not as a ‘political football, put a little money in when they wish, but not when they do not wish.

    Social care is in crisis and was well before COVID-19, that is just the latest Government excuse to treat Social Care with disdain.

    Above are some of the issues relating to the crisis in Social Care and there are many others and some of these are mentioned in my petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

    More information

    1. see the post on my blog, Carer Voice, where Matt Hancock has refused to pay Carers the Real Living Wage
    2. I also thank the Government for bringing back their recruitment campaign ‘Every Day is Different’, but it would be even better if they had improved the salary and other conditions as stated in the petition.
    We all have reasons for reaching out and some of mine are mentioned below
    • With the Government, Social Care is the forgotten service and Yes, the Government as plenty to deal with currently, but more should have been done for Social Care well before the COVID 19 situation
    • This section of care has been devoid of enough money for far too long and austerity measures only compounded this
    • The starting salary for all care workers should be, at least the Real Living Wage and not, as currently the National Living Wage or for some under 25 years The Minimum Wage
    • The rate of pay is abysmal when compared to the responsibilities they undertake It is not just the rate of pay, but many others including
    • Conditions of Service • Expenses
    • Sick Pay schemes
    Lack of funding for Social Care is a major problem and this leads to
    • not only insufficient funding for all forms of Social Care
    • a lack of people wishing to come into the profession due to the abysmal rate of pay
    • partly causing a lack of quality of care being delivered in some areas and other problems
    • causing stress and exhaustion for family members providing care to their relatives, due to the lack of Social Care
    • If the crisis in Social Care is not met, this will then increase the crisis in health.

    My own family and many other families rely on Social Care to help us look after our relatives who have major needs relating to care.

    We all have, over the years, done what we can to help manage these needs of our relatives, but there comes a time when the needs exceed what we ourselves can realistically deliver, hence our, now, reliance on Social Care and without it our relatives needs will not be met.

    You will never know when you maybe in need of Social Care, so please support Social Care, before it is too late

    Thank you


    #care #socialcare #crisis

    ‘For the DfE, barrister Galina Ward argued that the essence of the regulatory changes was about preserving children’s safeguarding structures that were already under pressure from collapse due to the pandemic’, is that a joke.

    For it appears it is as they are prepared to see the decline of Social Care through lack of finance, but COVID-19 is more in the limelight, so the Government will not wish to be seen to allow decline through COVID-19.

    But when COVID-19 was brought to Care Homes then that was alright, so many double standards.


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