Surviving Coronavirus- But Living A Nightmare

Jennifer Duddy is telling it as it is for no one should wish to get COVID-19, but there are people out there who do not appear concerned if they do, or feel they have no chance of catching it.

These people are totally irresponsible for they could well be the cause of the various COVID-19 outbreaks occurring throughout the UK.

They may not be concerned for themselves, but they should be for others.

Yes, it is the choice of these irresponsible people to ignore all the information on what and not what to do, but their irresponsible nature is causing others to catch COVID-19 and this is not their choice.

There are many not Social Distancing, not wearing face-masks or wearing them incorrectly, refusing to self-isolate, etc. making it extremely unsafe for others.

Currently there is no vaccine, but if there was, there are quite a few people who would refuse to be vaccinated, again, these people are solely thinking of thesmselves and not others.

A vaccine is the only chance for COVID-19 to be eradicated, so currently, everyone should be abiding by the information and restrictions and those who still refuse to comply should be fined and eventually leading to arrest and be convicted.

The Government needs to strengthen the current legislation to make this possible.

Yes, it is restricting freedom and choice, but it is essential to safeguard others and it is what any of our Laws do, for to not do will cause anarchy.

Those in authority who themselves did show irresponsibility should have been prosecuted, but it may be that the Law was insufficient for this to occur and if so, that should be immediately rectified.

Same Difference

When Jennifer Duddy was admitted to hospital with coronavirus, she said goodbye to her young family wondering if she would ever see them again.

The 32-year-old accountant, who has asthma, first experienced symptoms of the virus in March, but says she was refused tests on several occasions.

Initially, most people with symptoms were told to stay at home and self-isolate.

Her husband, Jamie, also had symptoms, but while his symptoms slowly started to lessen, Jennifer’s got worse and eventually she was admitted to Belfast’s Mater Hospital with breathing difficulties.

She spent seven days there being treated for coronavirus.

When she was discharged, she knew it would take time to recover fully, but was optimistic and excited to again cuddle her eight-year-old daughter, Chloe, and one-year-old son Ryan.

“A lot of tears were shed in those first two months,” Jennifer told BBC News NI.

“I was on so much medication when…

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