Coronavirus UK: Care homes ‘ordered not to resuscitate’ residents | Metro News

Care homes were told by the NHS to order the forms without discussions with staff, residents or their families.

Source: Coronavirus UK: Care homes ‘ordered not to resuscitate’ residents | Metro News




One thought on “Coronavirus UK: Care homes ‘ordered not to resuscitate’ residents | Metro News

  1. This is very disturbing and will be against the principles of the Care Act 2014, but then at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government rushed through Parliament the Coronavirus Bill 2020 where the Care Act 2014 and equivalent Children;s legislation were suspended.

    Is this the true reflection of this Government and the NHS. Social Care has for too long not been recognised with the same importance as health care and is, in fact, the forgotten health care service in many aspects.

    Funding, care and respect for persons in need of care, respect and recognition for persons undertaking care responsibilities and many more, including the unpaid family carers who save the UK over £130 billion a year.

    For it is not just the elderly in care homes, but both children and adults in need of care, in the family home, respite, hospices, supported living, etc. Social care is in a very great crisis and not only this Government, but many previous Governments have ignored Social Care.

    This is why I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

    For further information please see,!Aq2MsYduiazgnxQE67RjvLNkFdTL?e=cchaGl


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