The violent George Floyd protests will backfire

The Trump administration will go to extreme ends to try to get Trump re-elected.

As you say there could well be Police Provocateurs and these could well be Trump supporters who will just encourage the violent elements within the protesters to go further and cause major disruption and then withdraw.

As for Trump himself he encourages his supporters to go to any levels to create mayhem and he then decries the outcomes by blaming the body of protesters.

To prove this will be extremely difficult, if at all possible.

I do support BLM, as they and other racial groups have been downgraded for centuries and Trump and the likes have been responsible for much of what is occurring in the US.

Terrorism can come from many sources even Governments of the countries in question, so Trump could well be the terrorist chief.

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Civilization is not so stable that it could not be easily broken up; and a condition of lawless violence is not one out of which any good thing is likely to emerge.  For this reason revolutionary violence in a democracy is infinitely dangerous.
  [==Bertrand Russell, in 1922]

A protest movement accompanied by vandalism, looting and mob violence will not persuade the public to de-fund the police or impose restrictions on them.

I believe the violence accompanying the George Floyd protests is worse than being generally reported.  The destruction caused in the name of George Floyd will not be balanced by any public good.

Instead it will make the re-election of Donald Trump and the Republicans more likely.

News reports say the protests are “mostly nonviolent.”  I am willing to believe that most of the protest demonstrations are non-violent and most people taking part in demonstrations are non-violent.  But this…

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