Data on Covid care home deaths kept secret ‘to protect commercial interests’ | World news | The Guardian

Exclusive: English and Scottish regulators refuse to reveal homes with most fatalities

Source: Data on Covid care home deaths kept secret ‘to protect commercial interests’ | World news | The Guardian

One thought on “Data on Covid care home deaths kept secret ‘to protect commercial interests’ | World news | The Guardian

  1. As if the crisis in Social Care is not great enough, we then have COVID-19 and the COVID-19 related deaths to make the crisis even greater.To some extent the COVID-19 deaths were outwith the contol of the care homes, as many people were discharged early from hospitals as the COVID-19 pandemic broke, without undergoing COVID-19 tests.

    If this knowledge had been known to the care homes some of the deaths may have been mitigated.

    The lack of PPE also did not help, but the quality of cross-infection was certainly a major factor and coupled with staff shortages and the many other problems in care homes there were many related COVID-19 deaths.

    While the deaths in care homes were highlighted, social care is not just confined to care homes, as it includes home care, hospices, supported living, respite, etc all of which is adding to the crisis in Social Care.

    Before COVID-19 I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care, .

    There is also more information on!Aq2MsYduiazgnxZYcHUjMxQhaGpC?e=etwWHh .

    Much of the problem of this crisis, as you can see from the information is down to the severe lack of funding to Local Authorities from Central Government.

    If you so agree, please sign the petition, , and then share far and wide.

    If we all work together the Government may be open to listening and then they could take the required actions.

    Money has already been spent far and wide, but only a minuscule on Social Care, which needs much more.

    Even £12 billion will only bring the funding levels to those at 2010 and even then the funding was not sufficient.

    You may, currently, not require Social Care, but, more than likely, eventually, you or members of your family will do and without the substantial required investment by central Government, there could well be no Social Care to speak of when required.

    Please, therefore, seriously consider supporting this petition,, for Social Care really does need You,

    #care #socialcare #crisis


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