Mother plans Supreme Court battle over care for disabled son

Many aspects of Social Care appear to be, in many cases, to be ‘not fit for purpose.

So, we will wait and see the outcome of the Supreme Court action.

Will persons with disabilities be, eventually ,to receive all that they are entitled to rather than what authorities deem to allow them to have.

Then and, only then, will persons with disabilities achieve real equality.

Govt Newspeak

A Glasgow-based mother plans to take Scotland’s largest council to the Supreme Court over the funding of care for her disabled son, in a case that may have far-reaching implications for families across the country.

Terri McCue is bringing the case on behalf of her 25-year-old son Andrew, who has Down’s Syndrome and receives a support package funded by Glasgow City Council.

As part of that package, he is provided with work experience in a garden centre three days a week, attends a social enterprise two days a week, and receives 20 nights of respite care every year. The council pays for the majority of the package, but Andrew has been required to pay a proportion of it since turning 19 years old.

McCue argues that as all aspects of Andrew’s care stem from the fact he has Down’s Syndrome, he should not have to pay anything at all…

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