Carers ‘on the brink’ as they face further Covid-19 restrictions

Family carers (unpaid carers) have been pushed to the limit for many years and now they are beyond the limit and there is only so much one can take, but this Government expects them to do more and more.

With the easements brought in under the Coronavirus Act 2020, local authorities do not have to abide with the requirements of the hard fought for Care Act 2014.

So people in need of carers and also their family carers have been seriously let down again by the Government who lie and lie again and again.

They say they care and perhaps they do, but not for persons in need of care and their family carers, for all they care about is themselves and their rich associates.

If they did care, then they would have done something constructive to solve the crisis in Social Care, but again they have done nothing and just see Social Care disintegrate further.

I have created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

This Government needs to act and act now.

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