Revealed: ‘Failing’ Serco won another £57m COVID contract without competition | openDemocracy

As Serco’s share price soars, government accused of “shovelling huge sums of public money to a handful of outsourcing companies without competition, rigour or accountability”.

Source: Revealed: ‘Failing’ Serco won another £57m COVID contract without competition | openDemocracy

2 thoughts on “Revealed: ‘Failing’ Serco won another £57m COVID contract without competition | openDemocracy

  1. So, Serco have been awarded another Government contract, while they are failing in many of their awarded contracts, if not all.

    Any reasonable organisation would not award a contractor with more contracts when they keep failing in their other awarded contracts. However, this is not a reasonable organisation, for it is the Government.

    While I do not care for the tendering process there is such a process, but in this instance and perhaps more, it was not followed. I could see why, if Serco was a company that is successful in proceeding with their contracts, but Serco are clearly not. Also, from my own understanding of the tendering process, it should be followed even where the originating company is successful.

    It appears success is not one of the factors that are taken into account, but, purely costs and in many instances the contract is awarded to the organisation who provided the cheapest costing, irrespective of whether they can even proceed with the contract on the costings, thereby there could be deemed to failure before they start.

    I can not, therefore really understand why Serco and other such organisations who have a proven record of failure, continue to get, even, more contracts. It appears failure is the factor to get contract, when it should be success.

    One would expect that all contracts would have ‘contractual penalties’ written into the contract, but, it is said, these are difficult to enforce within English law. Surely, if this is so, then English law needs to bee amended and the Government is the organisation, you would expect to do so.

    So why are these contracts being awarded to failing organisation, at great cost to the UK, well your guess is as good as mine.


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