Textbook Makes Autistic People ‘Sound Like Toddlers’

The UK education system is, in many respects, ‘not fit for purpose’, as it just gears children ready to gain examination results and obtain pieces of paper, which are only there to prove they can pass exams.

In no way does the UK education system get children ready for life outwith the education system.

Now it appears that some text books are also ‘not fit for purpose’ where will it all end.

For the mentioned text books are not only, ‘not fit for purpose’ but are exceedingly insulting to persons with Autism.

The education system is in dire need of being re-educated and without further delay.

Another aspect of life in the UK which is in dire need of change.

Same Difference

A publisher has said it will conduct an “immediate review” into an A Level textbook accused of being “deeply offensive to autistic people”.

Pearson’s A Level Psychology Revision Guide says children who have “tantrums” due to routine changes may be autistic.

The National Autistic Society called it “misleading” and has urged the publisher to correct the book.

It said: “A meltdown is not a tantrum. It is an intense response to an overwhelming situation.”

The revision guide, aimed at but not approved by the AQA exam board, says some autistic children “like to stick to the same routine, and little changes may trigger tantrums”.

But George, who is autistic and studying A level psychology says: “It makes us sound like toddlers.”

He says: “If that’s how they describe meltdowns what other inaccuracies are there going to be? Calling it ‘tantrum’ feels condescending.”

His concerns are echoed by Tom Purser, Head…

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