Social care cuts left me and my disabled son alone in lockdown | Metro News

Four comments and three not understanding the problem, perhaps they are conservative MPs or even Government Ministers, for they also do not see the problem, whether by design or not is not clear.

Yes, there are disability benefits, but these are there for the increased costs borne by families due to to their relatives disabilities. For anything required for disabilities costs more, perhaps, through a disability premium, as equipment for persons with disabilities always cost more than they should.

Then we come to Social Care, which has never been correctly funded, from 1970 and certainly before. I mention 1970, as this was the date that the Government of the day brought all social care under the control of Local Authorities (LAs) , but as normal not the funding to cover the costs.

Before 1970, Social Care was a mishmash of care from various organisations, some from Local Authorities, then some from Charities, health, the community and many others. It has been left underfunded right up to the present day, but made much worse from 10 years of austerity cuts and now COVID-19.

Then this Government brought in the Coronavirus Act 2020, which relieved LAs of many of the responsibilities which were granted through the Care Act 2014.

Yes, these were eased on a temporary basis until 1 October 2020, when they were supposed to be reviewed, but true to form this Government decided to extend the easements for another 6 months.

So, Social care is in a very serious crisis, which is indeed very serious, maybe to an extent from which Social Care may not recover from and should this be so, then the crisis in health will more than double or even treble.

So. I created the petition, Solve the crisis in Social Care,

Please support this petition and then share, for you do not known when you will be in dire need of Social Care or one of your relatives will.






Source: Social care cuts left me and my disabled son alone in lockdown | Metro News

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