Covid: Antibodies ‘fall rapidly after infection’ – BBC News

So, this research is saying that immunity from COVID-19 does not last long, maybe only for 6 months, so this should quell the call for ‘herd immunity’. Those persons who feel the current lockdowns should be ignored or not even be put in force and people should be allowed to have COVID-19 as a means to have more immunity within the UK, should now stop making those comments, as their thinking has been disproved.

However, I feel the question of conspiracy theories could be put forward, so they may continue in their beliefs, which they are entitled to have.

So, more work is required in this research, for if true, it could mean an immunisation programme be introduced every 6 months.

But the take up of the Flu immunisation programme, which is currently taking place, is far from good, see for the period 2018/2019.

See Table 1


Patients aged 65 years and over
Vaccine uptake in patients over 65 years old was 72.0% in the 2018 to 2019 season, compared to 72.9% last season (Table 1). This season saw a phased delivery of the recommended, newly licenced adjuvanted vaccine for the 65 and over population. 40% of the vaccine was supplied in September followed by 20% in October and 40% in November.

Some may say 70% is a good turnout, but is it and what about the figures for under 65s which are far from good.

So what does this hold for any COVID-19 vaccine, which will more likely be every 6 months rather than yearly, it does not look good.

So, COVID-19 could be with us for years to come.







Source: Covid: Antibodies ‘fall rapidly after infection’ – BBC News


Source: Covid: Antibodies ‘fall rapidly after infection’ – BBC News

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