People With Learning Disabilities Should Be Prioritised For A Covid Vaccine

This I agree with, but what about all the persons with LD/Autism who are needle averse, for as I can see this group of people have not be looked at and have been left out of the research.

But, they are in the same, very vulnerable group of persons with LD. With regards to the flu, they are entitled to the nasal spray, which is given to children under 12 years. While it is not as effective as the flu injection, it is better than nothing and here more research should be given to providing a vaccine of suitable strength to give more protection that can be administered other than by needle.

Same Difference

When Margaret Keenan became the first person in the UK to receive the coronavirus vaccine last week, the nation breathed a sigh of relief. But it is crucial we do not forget those who have constantly been at the back of the queue: people with learning disabilities and autism.

Throughout the pandemic, people with learning disabilities and autism have consistently been let down. A lack of clear, easy-to-understand guidance, unequal access to care and illegal “do not resuscitate” instructions have exacerbated the inequalities many people have long faced.

The impact cannot be ignored: our research shows that 76% of people with learning disabilities feel they do not matter to the government, compared with the general public, during the pandemic. And data shows the danger of contracting Covid-19 for people with learning disabilities and autism is much higher than for the wider population.

Public Health England has said the registered…

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