Who’s Exempt From Wearing Masks?

While I agree that exemptions from wearing face-masks are necessary I also feel that some people who just objection to wearing face-masks and are not officially exempt will abuse the current exemption system and just download the exemption notice.

It may be that the people who would abuse the exemption system will be minimal, but that could be so, for people who abuse the Blue Disability badge.

Should that be so, then there should be a similar provision for exemption from wearing face-masks as there is for having a Blue disability badge.

When face-masks were made mandatory it was felt this would only be so for a short period as the COVID-19 would disappear eventually, especially when there are vaccines available.

But, as it may now be that there are many persons refusing to have the vaccines, then the expected full immunity within and outwith the UK may not occur and face-masks will need to be worn for much longer and this could be for the foreseeable future and may be forever. If there was to be a vaccine passport suitably dated and renewed on every vaccine a person has, then persons having a vaccine passport may then be exempt, but this will be dependent on whether persons vaccinated will not be able to then transmit the virus. But with mutations this may not be possible.

I, therefore, feel the Government have, not only, to issue vaccine passports, but have an official face-mask exemption system.

This will provide more support for the wearing of face-masks and diminish those who are prepared to abuse the exemption.

This will not only make everyone feel safer, but will eliminate the challenges to those persons who are officially exempt from wearing face-masks.

Same Difference

“My heart races, I get really hot and start sweating, I start shaking, all the noise in the shop seems to get louder and the lights seem to get brighter.”

That’s how it feels when Georgina Spray puts on a face covering.

The 21-year-old has autism and is exempt from wearing one. But she’s so worried about being confronted, she chooses to put one on anyway.

The problem for Georgina is there’s still no official way of proving you’re exempt.

Face coverings are compulsory in almost all public indoor areas across the UK.

And with many of the big supermarkets saying they’ll deny entry to people who don’t wear masks unless there’s a genuine reason, Georgina worries the chance of abuse rises.

So, who counts as ‘exempt’?

The list is long and fairly vague. Around the UK advice is slightly different but in general, if you can’t put one on…

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