Wayne Couzens is not ‘one bad apple’ in the Met police, so we’re training people to intervene in arrests

The attempt by the police to distance themselves from Sarah Everard’s murder is as predictable as it is offensive



I fully support this article for long gone are the days when we could trust the police, if they ever did really exist. It has been said before, that it is a fine dividing line between being in the Police and being a criminal, from the evidence coming forth this dividing line is becoming very blurred.

Serious and in-depth investigations have to be carried out in the open and certainly not Police investigating Police.

Certainly in the Met there needs to be a full look at all positions of seniority starting with the Met Commissioner and very much so the officers immediately in charge of those officers who are not acting how a police officer should and this needs to be made public so the public are well aware of what they should expect from Police officers.

In some respects we should find ourselves lucky that most of our Police officers are not armed as this would certainly had more to these untenable situations.

We appear to becoming more like Police officers in the US as time goes on, where it is shoot and then ask questions.

As to Cressida Dick she should go and should have long ago, for now and for some time there is no respect for her and she seems incapable of conducting her duties. In her statement yesterday, she needed prompts rather than it come from her heart, she is certainly ‘not fit for purpose and never will be be, if she ever has been.



Source: Wayne Couzens is not ‘one bad apple’ in the Met police, so we’re training people to intervene in arrests

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