Police boss sparks fury for saying Sarah Everard should ‘never have submitted’ to arrest by Wayne Couzens

Nicola Sturgeon and campaigners have condemned the remarks as ‘appalling’ and ‘horrifically offensive’




The Police do have a lot to learn, but they are not alone, for it appears so do Police and Crime commissioners, that is if they are like the one for North Yorkshire, one Philip Allott, the Conservative police and crime commissioner for North Yorkshire. As he blamed Sarah Everard, for putting herself in the position from which she was brutally murdered, for you should really trust the police and not fear and distrust them.

But, in this day and age trusting the police is not there, for they are racial profiling Black youths, creating even more distrust and anger in the ‘Black community’.

Really, can one refuse to be arrested, especially where the officer has other motives. For is not resisting arrest an  offence itself.

What Police officer is going to wait while you check them out and calling for help, who is going to help a person who appears to be being arrested, for they too could also be arrested.

Philip Allott is far from ‘fit for purpose, and should resign immediately.

The police are there for our own safety, well they should be, but in this day and urge, how can we all be sure?

True, the focus over the last few years has been mainly on the Met, but there have been others especially in South Yorkshire with the policing of Hillsborough in 1989 and also the Miners strike in 1972.

But there have been many incidents in many other forces.

Gone, many years ago has the public conception that you can trust the police. Many occupations have there ‘bad apples’ but it is how you deal with them, if you even do deal with them. The Policy is a community and there is a very strong element of sticking together and supporting each other, but when this leads to bad areas of policing the sticking together has to be stopped. Some police officers have tried to speak out and have suffered for doing so, as it should have been them who were supported, instead of those to whom the complaints or concerns were being made about.

Safeguarding in some respects has been lost in some Police forces and it desperately needs to return, otherwise respect for the policy will never return and them you have the situation in America where trust in the police is not there in many communities, just deep fear and mistrust, which is borne out in the actions of virtually all American Police officers, where some are acting as criminals instead of applying Law and Order and safeguarding the public, for there it appears they have a policy of shoot and ask questions later and in many instances the questions are not asked, do we really wish to follow an American example.


Source: Police boss sparks fury for saying Sarah Everard should ‘never have submitted’ to arrest by Wayne Couzens

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