The scams most likely to trick midlifers

How to keep yourself safe from the most common frauds targeting 50-somethings




Any scam does cause distress and certainly one re romance and dating as the person being scammed is more than likely at a low ebb to start with, so extremely very vulnerable. These scammers are in deed the very depths dealing with the most vulnerable in Society.

Now, it is evident that these scammers have no morals and have absolutely no concerns about those who they scam and dealing with many emotive issues. For it is not just the lost money, but the mixed emotions that are caused and in many instances these mixed emotions could lead to much further tragedies.

More should be done to safeguard those who are being scammed, but even more so the dating/romance sites should be held more responsible, for it is not sufficient for the sites to state that the profiles on the sites are all fake and only there for virtual communications, as many who join these sites are wishing for much more than messaging.

Surely, in this day and age, these sites should be more able to ensure that all the profiles are from genuine people who are really looking for what they state they are.

Even if you do not get scammed for money being sent to the scammers, but the sites illicit money either by subscriptions or for purchasing means to message.

||From mu=y own experience it is very evident that many who respond to persons looking for relationships are just there to ensure messaging is continued and there will be no likelihood of any eventual meetings. So it is therefore the romance/dating sites themselves who are scamming the people looking for relationships.

Means need to be found to ensure these sites are more transparent in their dealings and that all profiles are of genuine people.

Source: The scams most likely to trick midlifers

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