Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

Brussels needs to make clear that ‘leaving union is more damaging than remaining’, says French PM in call for sanctions over fishing war


Over the years the UK has come to the assistance of many countries, especially in Europe, take WW1 and WW2 for instance, but there have been many others since.

Yes, if we had not done so at the, the UK could have suffered the indignity of being invaded and occupied, as we ourselves have been on many occasions in the past many years ago.

But the UK has always been very keen to follow its own lead, which is why, I believe General Charles De Gaulle in 1963 vetoed the UK application to join the then European Economic Community (EEC).

It is also why, the UK decided in around 1957 not to join the EE, but they also wished to stay in the European Free Trade Area, (EFTA).

When the EEC was formed it was a Free Trade area, which was ideal, but when it changed to the European Union, (EU) in 1993 it was clear that it was to become a political union, which was not ideal to the UK, but the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair MP took the UK into the EU without an official mandate from the population of the UK.

So in 2016 the UK, by a very small margin decided to withdraw from the EU, so 2016 was the official vote and not when Tony Blair took the UK in. So, if anyone should be punished it should be Tony Blair and not the UK. But he is not being, especially by France or should I say President Emmanuel Macron, perhaps because Tony Blair is an out and out supporter of the EU. or is it because there is a coming election in France.

The UK still wishes to have a free trade agreement with the EU, but this must be more in-line with terms beneficial to the UK. France has on many occasions caused harm to the UK, by setting up blockades and even burning of UK trucks, in 2015 , being only one, which in any regards must be illegal and certainly against the principles of free trade.

But it appears, France is not interested in the rule of law, well certainly when it is not in their favour.


Source: Britain must be punished for Brexit, says France

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