Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

The Mail On Sunday has lost its Court of Appeal challenge against a ruling in favour of the Duchess of Sussex over publication of the letter to her estranged father Thomas Markle

A legal judgement has been made and you may or may not agree with the outcome for numerous reasons. But, I feel a major one will be on your views of Meghan Markle, for you either like Meghan or not, but in reality none of this is our business. However, it is showing how the law is on Grandparents rights and press freedoms.

Re Grandparents they have no legal rights to see or have any other controls on their Grandchildren, as this is solely down to the parents and in many instances mainly with the mother, unless it can be proved that the mother is not legally capable.

So all this blustering by Thomas Markle is down to either a misguided understanding of his Rights or more than likely his overblown insistence of his own importance. If he really wishes to see his Grandchildren he is by his own actions making it even less possible that he will. For he needs to show understanding of both Meghan’s and Harrys points of view and not throw a tantrum when his wishes are not granted.

By releasing the letter from his daughter to the Press, he has again shown misjudgement and it is now, if it was ever to be, that he will see his grandchildren.

As to the Press again they are guilty of showing their own importance and, as there are many instances, where the actions of the Press are seen to far exceed their assumed Rights, they have been brought down, but perhaps they have money to waste on legal matters.


Source: Meghan Markle says victory in Mail on Sunday privacy case should ‘reshape tabloids that profit from lies’

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