Modern-day culture wars are playing out on historic tours of slaveholding plantations

The romanticized notions of Southern gentility are increasingly at odds with historical reality as the lives, culture and contributions of the enslaved are becoming integral on tours of plantations.



Slavery in any form is abhorrent and it is still occurring in many forms.

How any human can do this to any other human is beyond comprehension.

To say those who became rich on slavery be they, British, American, Dutch, Portuguese or any other Westerner is also not easy to understand and how did they see this from a Christian point of view. For if the Bible condones such actions then I say The Bible is a corruption of life for slavery should have no inclusion in any Christain thought and any who undertook such actions, were not Christians in my view.

But slavery was not new in the 17th/18th century, as it existed in the far east well before Christianity.

But, even today in America there are those who wish that slavery could be brought back, now you may feel that is not possible.

But, in effect it has never gone away for there is now Modern Slavery.

We all need to do what we can to ensure any forms of slavery are done away with, as we should all respect each other and no one should be more equal than another and have a right to freedoms and to live life.

Slavery is never good and for those who feel there were good slave owners are very much mistaken, but then not all slave owners were as bad as others, but they were still bad.



Source: Modern-day culture wars are playing out on historic tours of slaveholding plantations

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