Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

The US president said economic measures would be taken if Russia were to invade Ukraine, but the Russian leader said that would trigger a complete rupture in their relations



What a sorry state this world has become or more to the point Russia. I thought that Putin was only the President of Russia and not all the independent states around Russia.


It is Putin amassing the troops on the Russian/Ukraine border as a threat, not only to Ukraine but the whole of Europe. Being independent Ukraine should be free to join what organisations they wish to, as long as they do not encroach into Russia. If Ukraine wishes for NATO troops then that is up to Ukraine not Russia. Nato, itself as no wish to invade Russia, unless the Russian troops invade Ukraine first.


If any Western country wishes to react to Russian aggressive actions with sanctions then that is up to the Western countries, and all Putin needs to do is stop all the aggressive actions and then he and Russia will be left alone.


So Putin desist in threatening anyone and then no actions will be taken against you.


Just because your ‘Puppet’ Trump is no longer in office in the US, is no reason to make aggressive gestures, as Putin should show respect for those countries around Russia.

Source: Sanctions will cause ‘complete breakdown’ in US-Russia relations, Putin warns Biden | Euronews

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