How did this professor of philosophy end up a naked, shackled victim of police brutality? Cambridge graduate tells how her clothes were cut off by three officers after intervening in a stop-and-search and declining to give her own name | Daily Mail Online

Dr Konstancja Duff, then 24, intervened in a police stop and search in East London in May 2013 by trying to hand the detainee a card showing him his rights.


Met Police again, just who are controlling this force, as it appears their management are not, for they appear to do as they please. Cressida Dick appears to have no recognised authority over the Met Police, or the persons below her, for many in the force appear to believe they are above the law and safeguarded by ‘looking after their own’ where they feel no one dare challenge them.

Misogamy appears to rule in many areas of the force and perhaps in many other forces, but it needs to be stopped and the Met needs to have persons in charge who will do so, instead of looking the other way.

The treatment of the Cambridge graduate Dr Konstancja Duff was totally unacceptable and the officers concerned dealt with and maybe some in more senior positions. The police in the UK were at one time respected, but these continuing unacceptable behaviours brings the whole profession into disrepute, not only the MET police force.

The Human Rights of Dr Duff were totally disregarded.


Source: Cambridge graduate recalls clothes being cut off by officers after intervening in a stop and search | Daily Mail Online

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