Unions and scientists claim Boris is moving ‘too far, too soon’ as rules set to be gone in fortnight | Daily Mail Online

Professor John Edmunds said SAGE, No10’s scientific advisers, ‘haven’t discussed’ ending quarantine.


Yes, we do need to move forward, but this is the biggest step of all the big steps already taken, as this will mean there are no restrictions, when COVID is still with and while not to the same extent, people are still catching COVID and dying from COVID.

But that is not all, as yet we don’t fully know the implications of the results of Long-COVID, which for a good many of us are very debilitating.

It would also appear that this has not been raised with SAGE, when all along we have been advised we are listening to the Science. So, are we listening to the Science, have we always been listening to the Science and will we continue to listen to the Science. Well, we only have the ‘Word’ of Boris and what does that tell us. Currently, there are the questions around No. Parties and other instances, so, is this listening to Science or just a Boris tactic to gain favour or distract, who knows, only Boris.

During COVID we were assured that persons in Care Homes would be protected, but we now know that was not so, as COVID infected patients were discharged directly into care homes affecting many lives of care home residents and care home staff.

Not everyone is vaccinated as there is still a fair percentage of anti-vaxxers who we know will never be vaccinated, there are some who are still unsure, but they may get vaccinated, then there are those who because of certain conditions are unable to be vaccinated.

The mandatory vaccination of health and social care workers as been put on hold, while the mandatory vaccination of Care Home workers was not.

So it this really the right time to remove that last COVID restriction, on the face of it I feel no it needs to be retained.

Source: Unions and scientists claim Boris is moving ‘too far, too soon’ as rules set to be gone in fortnight | Daily Mail Online

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