Met Police: How Cressida Dick’s poor leadership of inexperienced officers led to her resignation

As the search begins for a new Metropolitan Police Commissioner to replace Dame Cressida Dick after she quit, former high-ranking police officers explain what they think went wrong inside the service


Cressida has gone and not before time, as she was always too quick to dismiss reports and uphold that the Met was a good force and the problems were minimal. However, that appears to be totally incorrect and shows that Cressida was completely out of her depth, for to assume otherwise implies that she believed all that was happening  was acceptable.

The Met is in serious need to reorganisation, taking out the offending officers and not only at junior level but at virtually every level.

But, I fear this is not only at the Met, but at many other forces within the UK.

Yes, the actions of former Home Secretary Teresa May did not help, but the problems would have been there long before.

As a zero tolerance to crime in all areas needs to be the way forward, so does zero tolerance to any abuse in the Met and any Police Force.

I feel now is the time, well it should have been so well before, that policing of the Police should be done by an independent body, which includes members from all sections of Society and given enough powers to ensure failure is not part of the Agenda.

It will not be easy to find the right person to be Commissioner of the MET, but find them has to be done, otherwise the result will be complete anarchy.

Now the Cressida has gone the priority, as it as been for sometime, is for Boris to go to.



Source: Met Police: How Cressida Dick’s poor leadership of inexperienced officers led to her resignation

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