No. 10 Parties Boris Johnson MP

As the UK as no effective Prime Minister I have renamed the position to be NO. 10 Parties Boris Johnson MP for I feel his title should reflect what he is good at and that appears to be attending parties, which are not parties. To refer as Prime Minister is really a misrepresentation.

He always did act the ‘clown’ but that is no longer to his advantage and made out he was a fool, and uneducated which are again untrue for he is no fool, just acts like one and is highly intelligent.

Like, Trump did with the position of President of America, by his actions he is bringing the position of UK Prime Minister to the point of ridicule and whatever standing the UK did have is now eroded.

The UK is no longer a big player on the world stage, especially with Boris at its helm.

Trump and Cressida have gone, or Cressida will soon, so Boris needs to do what is best and go to. But as with Cressida who is there to replace as all the seen contenders are or have been in the system, a system which has been discredited.

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