Prince Andrew to keep remaining titles after settling Virginia Giuffre case

Duke of York will retain dukedom, service rank of Vice-Admiral and role as Counsellor of State despite pressure for him to lose honours


I feel this is a big mistake as he should lose all titles as it will only increase his arrogance, when it would seem impossible to do and give him, I hope, false impression that he could come back from this.

This is much unanswered and technically he has shown no real remorse for his actions, especially for his association with Maxwell and Epstein, especially the later for what he has said is way too little and way too late.

It is just the Royal PR which is being enacted , which we have seen so much of in the past and effective it is too.

Prince Andrew, even by association, should lose every one of his titles and any privileges he has retained.

In the year of his mother, The Queen, Platinum Celebration he could have done much more and not continued this into 2022.


Source: Prince Andrew to keep remaining titles after settling Virginia Giuffre case

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