Councils compelled to take asylum-seeking children despite exemption requests – Community Care

The Home Office has told 29 councils that had asked to be exempt from taking unaccompanied asylum-seeking children into their care that they must do so. All 206 local authorities with responsibility for children in care in England, Scotland and Wales, plus all five trusts in Northern Ireland, must now take part in the national […]


It is a major problem with the World that the numbers of refugees is increasing for many reasons and many are unaccompanied children who are unaccompanied, mainly through no fault of their own.

There is much unrest and conflicts in the World today, many in the so called undeveloped world, but the definition of undeveloped is stated by the so called developed world. Developed in many instances could mean different to many peoples, for how developed does a country have to be developed to be classified as developed. So conflicts, famine and other reasons increase the numbers of unaccompanied children.

But this is not relevant to Local Authorities (LAs) in accepting unaccompanied children, as all LAs need to be open to accepting so there is a spread of allocating throughout the UK.

But, many, if not all LAs are short of funding through no fault of theirs, for this is purely at the door of this Government and others previously. Austerity cuts have a lot to answer for and also the unlistening of governments.

LAs can’t and should not be put in a position of financial unviability and should have a right to be sufficiently funded.

This Government has wasted money in many areas and as yet not been made accountable and much of the wasted fundings as been written off, if this was in the private sector as directors of companies they would have been made ineligible to be directors, so what is different being Ministers.

LAs are on the frontline and are being made to shoulder all the responsibilities when much is down to the Government who appear to shoulder no responsibilities.

Source: Councils compelled to take asylum-seeking children despite exemption requests – Community Care

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