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With many thanks to Benefits And Work. Renewals for PIP are in a state of chaos, with claimants left terrified that their PIP is suddenly going to stop because a new decision has not been made by t…


Here, we are again with more PIP problems, this time renewals, not that they are not being renewed, but that there are delays with renewing.

These claimants went through all the hassle of getting PIP in the first place and on renewal there is always the possibility that the renewal could not succeed, not due to being not eligible for they would be, but that the stress from applying for PIP will resurface on renewal.

The renewal process should be much more simpler, but is it, it appears not.

Due to many reasons, COVID being one,  there are many more persons now wishing to claim PIP and these are getting the priority treatment and nothing wrong there.

But, the lack of communication re delays in processing renewals is causing much concern. The delays are extending up to and beyond the date of renewal and although the benefit is continuing to be paid, some communication as way of explanation and reassurance should be forthcoming, but it appears not.

Any reasonable organisation would be communicating in good time, but then this is the DWP, a Government organisation and Governments completely lack the skill of communication.

It would be so little to do, but then it appears that Governments have a delight to cause people stress as none of the processes appear to be ‘person-centred, but system centred. It appears that they don’t care about the people who have to deal with them, so what is new there., as this is how Governments have been for years.

They have no consideration for how people feel, which is evident from virtually everything Governments do.

Governments and the people they employ should realise that they are there for the people, not people for the Government, well should be in a democracy and not act as though they are dictators, for there are already enough of dictators in the World, not a democratic Government acting similarly.

Source: PIP Renewal Chaos | Same Difference

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