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6 March 1942 | A Czech painter Jaroslav Král (born 1883), an outstanding representative of Czech cubism and neoclassicism, was incarcerated in Auschwitz. He was an organiser of artistic life in Brno.
The Germans arrested him for his activity in left-wing organizations. In the camp he was registered as no. 26452.
Jaroslav Král perished in the camp after 16 days.
Just one of the many who died in Germany’s Concentration camps during World War 2, a war which was said would be the war to end all wars, but that doesn’t take into account  the aspirations of some leaders in the World. For there have been many wars since, including Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and many others and now Ukraine.
No wars should occur, yes there will be differences, but none should lead to any confrontations, and especially any losses of lives or even injuries.
As in many instances the leader of one country have intentions of grandeur, self-importance and an assumed position of power. Putin wishes to be the person who brings back the Russian Empire, but why should Russia have an empire, in fact, why should any country have an empire.
A country should be all the people within that country, not just the person who has by whatever means attained the position of power.
In Ukraine, it would appear that the majority do not wish to be under the control of Russia, but Putin appears to disagree and so has invaded Ukraine illegally and needs to be brought to account. The losses of life both Ukrainian and Russian are on the hands of Putin and any others within the ruling body of Russia.
Putin and his ruling Comrades need to be held accountable as should any others who created the atrocities in previous and current conflicts.


Source: (20+) Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz | Facebook

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