‘It’s a mess’: UK to vet Ukraine refugees at Calais as French claim hundreds rejected | Euronews

The UK is to install a visa application centre for Ukrainian refugees on the northern French coast, amid claims that hundreds trying to reach England have been refused entry.


Yes, it is a mess,. As we know the problems causing this refugee crisis is down to Putin and his unreal obsession to bring Ukraine back under the control of Russia against the wishes of the Ukrainian population, just to pander to his ego.

The refugees have already gone through many instances of extreme turmoil as the Russian tactics are creating ever  increasing form of destruction, injuries and death. Everything should be being done to make life somewhat easier for the Ukrainian refugees, but the |UK government appears to be continuing the refugees anguish by having a ‘not fit for purpose’ entry facility to the UK.

The debate of whether visas should be necessary is another matter, but a very important ,matter, but the opportunities to obtain visas are not easy to find.

The refugees are making their way to Calais as no information is available, but there are no visa facilities there,. The excuse is not to create a ‘bottleneck, but that is what is being achieved by not having a visa facility there and the ones that are available are miles away and appointments are needed.

To make matters easier then visas should be suspended and obtained when in the UK. A  new visa facility is being created, I believe in Lillie, but not only not open yet, there is no information of where in Lillie it will be and again appointments will be required.

This is all implying that refugees are not welcome, now is that the real story.


Source: ‘It’s a mess’: UK to vet Ukraine refugees at Calais as French claim hundreds rejected | Euronews

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