Nato could intervene in Russia-Ukraine war if Putin crosses ‘red line’ of chemical weapons, minister warns

It comes as Western officials fear Moscow could deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine


So, NATO could intervene should Putin deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine, but the word is ‘could’, not will, so will they are not. Well the destruction of a maternity hospital in Mariupol did not action any NATO intervention and neither did the deployment of chemical weapons in Syria.

If interventions had been taken against Russia in Syria, perhaps the Ukraine invasion may have not taken place, or Russia would have retaliated by nuclear strikes and no one would be left to intervene anywhere ever again.

Putin has been allowed to do as he pleases for far too long and feels he is untouchable. Sooner, rather than later actions need to be taken, other than sanctions so that the actions of Putin can be stopped for the benefit of human existence.

Then, hopefully this will be seen that nobody is beyond being held accountable.

We all thought that World War 2 would be the ‘war to end all wars’ how wrong could we all have been. For too many wars and conflicts have been created by both the West and East, therefore we should all take note that we are all entitled to exist and no one should be dictated on how we should be governed, be we be in America, Europe, Asia. No one country or leader of a country should have reasons to take actions against other countries, otherwise what is the point of any of us being here.

Human Rights have to be respected by everyone.

Source: Nato could intervene in Russia-Ukraine war if Putin crosses ‘red line’ of chemical weapons, minister warns

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