Will Rishi Sunak show the Tories are in touch with the cost of living crisis?

Well the short answer is, apparently not.

Yes, there is 5p off a litre with effect from midnight 23 March 2022 along with others

The Chancellor delivered a Spring Statement

I would have assured that no one on the National Living Wage of £9.91 per hour would pay income tax or national Insurance so the personal Allowance would be £18000

Increase the Tax rate from 45% to 47% on income over £150,000

Increase the NI rate from 2% to 14 % on income above £50270

with a new rate of 16% on all earning above £150,000.

2% surcharge on all energy companies profits

Increase Carers Allowance from £128 per week to £400 per week and allow persons on pension to claim the allowance, which currently they can’t when they start claiming the State pension.

PIP rates
Component Weekly rate
Daily living – standard rate £60.00
Daily living – enhanced rate £89.60
Mobility – standard rate £23.70
Mobility – enhanced rate £62.55

Those are the current rate but increase

Daily living – standard rate to £100

Daily living – enhanced rate to £150

Mobility – standard rate to £50

Mobility – enhanced rate to £100

Cold weather payment increase from £25 per week to £10 per day, when the weather has been, or is expected to be, freezing or below for any day between November and March.

Christmas bonus to increase from £10 to £50

Only mentioned some of the benefits, but all need to be increased.

This would show that Rishi Sunak is in touch, but currently he has no clue as it does not affect him.

Source: Will Rishi Sunak show the Tories are in touch with the cost of living crisis?

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