Dog which killed Bella-Rae was not a banned breed, Merseyside Police confirm | Daily Mail Online

Bella-Rae Birch was mauled to death at her home in St Helen’s Merseyside on Monday by a dog which had recently been bought by her father Ryan from a friend ‘for buttons’.


While not wishing to put more misery on the family in their hours of distress, this does raise to situation that families need to be extra careful when bringing animals into the home, especially where there a very young children.

Yes, it is good to raise a child as well as raising a family pet, but it should always be borne in mind that whatever animal that is brought into the home they are in fact a domesticated wild animal, who could always turn to their wild traits at any time, if only for a second. But in a second great damage can be caused.

When bringing in an animal into a home check on the usual traits of that animal and never, leave it alone in the presence of a young child.

With dogs they are pack animals where there is always one leader so when bringing into a family in no circumstances allow the dog to believe that they are the leader, be forceful in commands, while not being abusive.

Animals can become jealous and feel they are losing attention when attention is being given to another. This is similar to when there is one child and than a new baby comes along and much focus is on the new baby to the assumed detriment by the other child that they are losing attention. This is so much similar to animals, especially dogs so when giving attention to one, ensure similar attention is given to the other.

An animal in a home, is great, but always be wary of what could occur, for when it does it will be too late.


Source: Dog which killed Bella-Rae was not a banned breed, Merseyside Police confirm | Daily Mail Online

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