Comedians and abuse

This is very tropical currently, but should have been for many years.

The actions of Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars to the verbal abuse from Chris Rock to Will Smith’s wife is the current point. For while Chris Rock was attempting humour at the expense of Will Smith’s wife, this verbal abuse from Rock led to physical abuse from Will Smith to Chris Rock.

Was this an over reaction by Will as many will say it was only humour, but verbal abuse it was from Rock.

Years ago Comedians used to use race, disability, Gender, and others, but in the UK this was tempered by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, amended by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and then the Equality Act 2010 , but comments such as from Rock are not affected by discrimination legislation, when they should be for it is still abuse and the intention of humour should not be used as an excuse.

Rock’s comment certainly upset Wiil’s wife and more and while not immediately noticed by Will he did eventually and may be he felt guilty of not initially supporting his wife, hence the slap on Rock, but Rock was the initiator and so was the primary cause of the abuse.

Will has apologised for his actions, even to Rock, albeit sometime later, but no apparent apology from Rock to Will’s wife, which he should have done and still should.

Unfortunately Will is being castigated as the sole aggressor, while Rock is getting off Scot free, except for the slap.

Comedians and comedy should be brought into line for the abuse they cause, especially in America where the gun laws are so relaxed, for in different circumstances Rock could have paid with his life or more injury than from a slap.

Everyone should show more consideration to others and not endeavour to obtain cheap laughs at the expense of others for entertainment it is not, it is abuse.

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