Royals’ ‘dismay’ at Prince Andrew role in Duke of Edinburgh service | Daily Mail Online

The Queen is generally regarded as one who does not show scant regard for her public image, however her role as being a mother and also the Monarch are bound to have some ‘conflicts of Interest’ so when there is a conflict she may not always reflect her image for the best.

To allow Prince Andrew to walk her into Westminster Abbey and then to her seat could be one of those occasions. Andrew has always been seen as her favourite in her children, while him being the one who appears to create the most problems, but some of the others are not far behind, but that is problems we all have with our children at times and we are not in the public eye.

Now, we assume the Queen had a choice in this latest matter with Andrew, who with his well-known arrogance could have left her little choice. With her frailty and the occasion she would not have wished to cause a scene and Andrew, as always would have taken great advantage of this.

It made sense for them to share a vehicle to the event but not for Andrew to walk her in, as I believe this privilege was with the Archbishop, so Andrew has in effect broken protocol, but this so arrogant person would not be bothered by such, arrogance has a lot to answer for.

Families who would have them, but we do and then have to manage problems as they occur.

Andrew needs to be put in his place as only a mother can do, for this is not just any family, but The Royal Family and any seen events could have much to do with the continuance of the Royal Families role within the UK and the Commonwealth. There is already much talk in some of the Commonwealth countries to alter the status of the Monarch and this could well be also within the UK, for those who wish for the UK to be a republic are forever increasing in number, but there is still much way to go before any change would even be considered.

If this changer had been already, would we really have wished for a President Boris, let alone in the past a President Blair and many others.

The Queen is still way being the best option,  but this could easily change when we have King Charles III and eventually King William V on the demise of his father Charles III.


Source: Royals’ ‘dismay’ at Prince Andrew role in Duke of Edinburgh service | Daily Mail Online

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