My family has been shielding for two years, no free Covid tests will shrink our world even more

Without the lifeline of free lateral flow kits, we wouldn’t have been able to let a plumber in or accept help from close friends. Now, we may not be able to


Trishna Bharadia is not on her own in feeling this way as there are many more such families, which this Government has cast aside as though they do not exist, but I know that they do, as I am one of those families.

Over the last 2 years I have been limiting my outings from home to only essential medical appointments, as I also m auto-immune due to my arthritis medication and also respiratory problems made worse by catching COVID in January 2022. I caught COVID from one of my daughters carers, as my daughter requires 24/7 care and has at least 1 carer every second of every day. The carer was not lacks, but only knew she had COVID from a lateral Flow test a day or so after she visited my daughter, who also caught COVID and she has not been vaccinated as she is needle averse and due to her learning disability and autism is unable . due to her lack of capacity to understand how important it is to have the vaccine and completely unaware about COVID. In having COVID I was also entitled to have the free anti-viral tablets from my local hospital which I did receive.

The carers are still entitled to free Lateral Flow tests and test a few time a week. I am also entitled to free lateral Flow tests but have been unable to obtain any kits over the last 4 weeks and now waiting for my delivery of such kits as promised under the Government directives. It is now the 5 April 2022 and still not received any of the kits and there does not appear to be any means to obtain any, except waiting for the expected delivery. I have received 4 COVID vaccines being 1 more than is usual 3 plus a booster and now waiting for my 5th which is now due, so hopefully I will hear more sometime this month.

I am feeling forgotten by this Government so I fully relate to Trishna.

The public are being mislead by this Government into believing that COVID is now no risk, which is so far from the truth. Hospitals are still being flooded by COVID admissions while being short of staff who have caught COVID. However, it is currently true that the numbers of admissions requiring critical care are much less than before, due to the current Omicron variant being somewhat milder than previous COVID variants, but is much more virulent than other variants.

However, there is now another variant deltacron of which little is currently known, so it could be as virulent as omicron and not as mild, so could be easy to catch and could cause more critical illness, but who will know as there is virtual no Lateral flow testing throughout the UK, except for health and social care staff and those who are more susceptible to catching COVID due to the vaccines immunity wanning in many of the population.

As Trishna says these are very worrying times for those who have been shielding, even if they continue to do so.

This Government appears to be unconcerned, especially as Boris is more concerned about escaping No. 10 Party fines and keeping his job as Prime Minister.

Source: My family has been shielding for two years, no free Covid tests will shrink our world even more

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