Chancellor Rishi Sunak defends wife Akshata Murty in row over non-dom status – BBC News

There are many Indians, former residents of India, who have decided to be residents of the UK and wish to stay in the UK, rather than keep open the option to return to India as they decided that the UK is now their home. Also they would not be able to afford to have Non-dom status, as Akshata Murty is reported to be paying £30,000 a year for non-dom status.

While, I believe she has still decided to retain her non-dom status, she will now be also paying UK tax on her Indian income.

Rishi is currently the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a MP so you would expect him to be wishing to retain residency, but his wife appears to be unsure as she expects to return to India, hence her non-dom status. Rushi also kept his American Green Card so expecting him to return to residence in America. Is this what we expect from a MP and  a Chancellor of the Exchequer for is he planning to move to America or India or is it all purely a means to avoid as much UK tax as possible.

He has seen that those least able to afford it pay as much as possible when he could have increased tax free limits, increased benefits, but no he wants the poor and disabled to suffer, while he and his family play tax avoidance. He was claimed to be great for some of his actions during COVID, the Furlough and other measures, but was this some of his playing with the UK population, who knows what’s in his mind.


Source: Chancellor Rishi Sunak defends wife Akshata Murty in row over non-dom status – BBC News

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