Rishi Sunak says he is the victim of a ‘smear’ campaign

Politically damaging leaks and questions over his wife’s non-domicile tax status follow public spending battle


So, Rishi is saying there is a smear campaign, but is it for the non-dom with respects to Akshata Murty is true as is the Green Card of Rishi and there is the evidence that both of them did decide to keep them. While the green Card was not avoiding tax, but causing more tax to be paid by Rushi, but with Akshata Murty there is tax avoidance, or do we believe she had no intension to remain in the UK.

What should be there and I believe it is not, is transparency, honesty and accountability, which should be there for everyone in Public Office.

But then we have a Prime Minister who apparently, as he says, he thought he was attending business meetings, so he is not aware what a party is or he attends some very peculiarly business meetings.

Source: Rishi Sunak says he is the victim of a ‘smear’ campaign

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