Budget 2022: Canadians with disabilities feeling left behind by federal budget | CTV News

Canadians living with disabilities say they’re being left behind by the Liberal government, after a promised disability benefit was not included in last week’s budget.


It appears that no matter where you live politicians can’t be trusted and the persons with disabilities will not be treated equally, what have we all done that these politicians are put into our vicinities and that persons with disabilities are universally treated disgustingly and not with respect and dignity.

Well power can and does corrupt and that means those who wish power and have a low level of decency will do all they can to gain power be it in democracies or in dictatorships.

Are we all gullible, well some may be but many of us do still trust what we are told, unfortunately, in many instances very mistakenly.

As to disability, many see this as a situation of weakness and therefore not to be granted the equality which we all should have.

Even worse, in many instances, the very people who try and do come into power are the very same people who don’t respect equality.

What can be done, well we all need to respect each other more and be there for each other more and do all we can to ensure the values of respect, dignity, honesty are maintained and where not endeavour to ensure those who don’t respect these value don’t get into power and if and when they do we all band together to ensure they lose the power at every opportunity.

We all have human rights and it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that these rights are not eroded and also temper any abuses of power.

Source: Budget 2022: Canadians with disabilities feeling left behind by federal budget | CTV News

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