Liz Carr Calls For Theatres To Host Facemask-Only Performances | Same Difference

Actress Liz Carr has suggested theatres consider hosting separate performances of shows for audiences who still want to wear facemasks or socially distance. The Silent Witness star won best support…


I completely agree with this suggestion and not only for Theatres for there are many, especially those auto-immune, needle averse and more people, so surely they too should be able to enjoy life more, rather than still stay at home.

But was the withdrawal of the facemasks mandate wholly due to the vaccine success, which is currently on the wane, as people believe COVID is no more, or is it really a Government or Boris ploy to offer something to the public to put him in a better light and detract from No. 10 Parties, in other words a PR exercise.

It is after all just how devious he is.

As to COVID, it has certainly not gone as hospital admissions show and the belief it has gone and no facemasks and even social distancing is a way that this highly contagious COVID virus is being spread.

Yes, it is milder than previous variants, but another variant could be easily the reverse and while being mild it has no baring on the effects of ‘Long COVID’, which can be and is very serious and can be very long term.

Do not believe the Government hype and still be very extremely careful.


Source: Liz Carr Calls For Theatres To Host Facemask-Only Performances | Same Difference

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