Boris Johnson faces THREE more Covid fines as PM is warned ‘worst is to come’ – Mirror Online

Sources have claimed Boris Johnson as bracing himself for up to three more fixed penalty notices over Partygate. He was alleged to have been at six of the dozen gatherings being probed by police


You either believe Boris or you do not and by his actions over the years I don’t trust him, but should he resign, I feel he should.

You could claim attending one party was a mistake, but it is said he attended 6, which is 5 too many.

Then he is on record as saying there were no parties, which clearly there were many parties, so does he not really understand what a party is or not is, which implies a lack of judgement and understanding.

Yes, he has apologised, in fact many times and in his latest, apologised over 30 times, but what is he apologising for, is it for going to parties he didn’t know were parties, for his lack of judgement or could it be he is only apologising as he has been found out.

Now they are saying with all that is happening now is not the time to change the Prime Minister, but is there ever a right time.

Boris has lost the little bit of trust that he had with the UK population and the Tories could well be annihilated in the coming Council elections.

But it should not be down to how the Council elections go, but is Boris fit to be a Prime Minister, some will say he was never fit to be, many were undecided and some thought he was, but there are now many more who say he needs to go.

When you consider the facts, if he was or is failing to understand, then should he still be Prime Minister, for he was in charge or should have been and whatever he was advised, he should know the difference between right and wrong and in many past instances he has not been and did wrong but was forgiven, but now it is past forgiveness and he needs to resign and if he will not then the Tory MPs need to vote for him to go.


Source: Boris Johnson faces THREE more Covid fines as PM is warned ‘worst is to come’ – Mirror Online

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