Donald Trump says the Queen should strip Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of ALL royal titles | Daily Mail Online

The former US president previously claimed the actions of both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex caused pain to the monarch.


Donald Trump speaking out like only he can, but who wants to hear from Trump.

He says that Harry is disrespectful to The Queen, but so was Trump when he met her for he continually got in her way and walked in front of her, he would have been briefed or they would have tried to brief him, but Trump listens to no one and will not read brief as he feels in knows everything, when, in fact, he knows nothing.

He says harry and Meghan were disrespectful to the UK, but was disrespectful to the US and many within the US.

As to Trump saying the Sussexes cause pain, well Trump causes everyone pain.

He says he doesn’t like Meghan, but then Trump dislikes everyone who doesn’t worship him.

Trump says, : ‘I’ve been a very good predictor, as you know – I’ve predicted almost everything’, well he said COVID was a Hoax and that it would go away soon, but it wasn’t a hoax and after 2 years it hasn’t gone away.

Trump when he was president was a very dangerous individual and still will be if he gets re-elected in 2024. Trump is and should be a non-entity and completely disappear.

He was a ridiculous President and a very failed businessman, a compulsive liar and has many other disgusting qualities.

The Queen knows her mind and doesn’t wish to be dictated to by Trump, in fact no one wants to be dictated to, especially by Trump, no matter how much he wants to be a dictator, but has is overlord, Putin and his best friend Kim Jong-un, both of whom deem him to be a first rate pratt, at least he is first rate in something.



Source: Donald Trump says the Queen should strip Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of ALL royal titles | Daily Mail Online

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