Angela Rayner has made her defenders look like fools | The Spectator

Her basic instincts have led her astray


Well, Angela, you fooled me, for I was supporting you as anyone should do where it is seen that abuse, defamation and more are done to accuse apparent victims.

For here you appear to be playing the predatory male as only they should be. However, in doing so you may have made it more difficult for other victims to come forth and be believed. For, unfortunately if other victims do come forth, will they be believed or will you be quoted or it assumed that these victims are also playing men.

Victims do need to be supported, but they may be again ignored and not believed. It has taken years or even centuries for female victims to come forth into male dominated Society and to complain of the predatory male behaviours and then be believed. Angela your stance in this could well have sent opinions back to those years or even centuries should Isobel Oakeshott article be believed and believed it will be and certainly used by predatory males to put forward their comments of innocence when they may well  not be. It is the equivalent of ‘to cry wolf‘, which men have used in their defence for far too long.

In your quest to show men as being fools and stupid you could have done a great injustice to your peers and could well be that innocent victims will not be believed, thereby strengthening predatory males to be even more predatory and thereby to create many more victims who then could well not be believed.

I do applaud you, while even wishing you did not do so.

Source: Angela Rayner has made her defenders look like fools | The Spectator

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