Guests walk out of Scottish Football awards ceremony over ‘sexist, racist and homophobic jokes’  | Daily Mail Online

BBC presenter Eilidh Barbour led a walkout at the Scottish Football Writers’ Association (SFWA) awards in Glasgow over ‘sexist and racist’ jokes made by a keynote speaker.


Good on Eilidh on her action and all the others who walked out for the time is long gone when ‘sexist, racist and homophobic’ jokes should be made anywhere and the time should never have existed.

Infact, I feel the keynote speaker should be prosecuted for making such jokes, as until the authorities take this seriously people will continue to do as they please and ‘lessons will never be learnt’.

More prosecutions need to be made to ensure abusive jokes are being curtailed and thereby make life better for all concerned, perhaps, even the venue and the organisers of the event should also be prosecuted.

If, these so called ‘jokers’ can only raise laughs by creating abuse then they should not be around.

Everyone has the Right to lead a life free from abuse.

Eilidh’s action is a far better way to deal with these abusive people than follow the example of Will Smith at the Oscars, a walkout rather than a slap, much better result. But a prosecutive would be even better.

Source: Guests walk out of Scottish Football awards ceremony over ‘sexist, racist and homophobic jokes’  | Daily Mail Online

4 thoughts on “Guests walk out of Scottish Football awards ceremony over ‘sexist, racist and homophobic jokes’  | Daily Mail Online

  1. Very insightful and I would agree with you that staging a walk-out is much more effective than physically attacking someone. Since Will Smith’s slap, Dave Chappelle got attacked on stage after a comedy show. Articles have been written about Will Smith having paved the way for others to copy and react about something you dislike with physical violence, which is never okay.

    I posted on cultural sensitivity and cultural identity as it affects minorities, too. If you have time to stop by and read my blog post today, feel free to read it.

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    • Thank you.

      Yes, mankind is different to animals, for generally animals are only violent to defend territory or to protect themselves and family, while mankind is violent for many reason, entertainment, pleasure and others and will kill for also many reasons, while animals generally only kill for food.


  2. Thank you for your comment and did try to follow, but for some reason my email address was not accepted so could not do so.

    However, I did manage to access your post,#AAPIHeritageMonth: Why We Should Stop Asking #POC Where They’re From, which I found very enlightening and interesting.

    I am from the UK and the reasons why we ask for ethnicity, is always quoted as being for equality purposes. Facts are collated into statistics on the belief that our authorities are wishing to know the information as a means to show all ethnicities are receiving information and to what degree, well that is the reason given, it being true, who knows. But they also ask for gender, age, religion and sexuality as well.

    My late wife always refused to answer any aspects relating to equality information as she, rightly, said it was nothing to do with them.

    I so wish you well.


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