Survivors of Uvalde shooting paint horrifying picture of terror and tragedy | Texas school shooting | The Guardian

Schoolchildren, teachers and family members offer graphic details of day gunman killed 19 children and two adults



This is a terrible tragedy, one of many that occur in America, but only in America is it put as a justification for their gun policy and even more so, for an increase in gun ownership.

Any other country would see this as an indication to reduce gun ownership, but some Americans are blinkered by their own Constitution, which was written in 1789, but has been amended 27 times to allow for passages of time and changes in Society and life in general. The last amendment was in 1992 and gun law amendments have not taken place since 1791 with the 2nd Amendment.

Guns have always been lethal weapons when in the hands of humans and have become even more lethal with the passage of time and become much more deadly, which is why many countries have put extensive limitations on gun ownership, but America will not do so due to the power of the Gun Lobby and the NRA, the National Rifle Association. Yes, Rifle, not the current armaments, which should only be in the hands of a well trained military run by a national Government, not in the hands of individuals and many non-government militias. That should be seen as anarchy, but not in America.

So in America this apparent legalised killing of innocents is allowed to continue, due to the inflexibility of the so very powerful NRA and the gun owning militants, who in any other country would be viewed as terrorists.

Now we have Trump, as he does, using this for his own agenda to gain re-election in 2024, sorry not re-election but a continuance of his Presidency for he still believes with his militant supporters that he never lost the 2020 election. How can one be so stupid, only trump and his supporters know.

In America, with regards to Guns, there is a very real abuse of power.


Source: Survivors of Uvalde shooting paint horrifying picture of terror and tragedy | Texas school shooting | The Guardian

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