Minister promises “increased transparency” to build trust in GP patient data scheme | The BMJ

The government has said it is at a loss to explain why there was such opposition to its GP patient data scheme last year but has vowed to win back support with revised plans that are due to be announced soon.

MPs on the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee quizzed government ministers about NHS data sharing as part of an evidence session held on 8 June for their inquiry into digital data and right to privacy.

The GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) programme was launched in spring 2021, but around 1.5 million people opted out of the scheme over concerns about security and access to data, …


This is, mainly down to trust and with past experience who really trusts Governments and any public body, yes, they promise, but how often are these promises broken and at time is there any real intension to keep a promise, is it just something to say at the time.

Politicians are generally regarded as untrustworthy and in many instances with just reason.

In many instances it is like an apology for apologies are uttered and tossed out many times these days and no one knows if the apology is truly given or is it just something to say.

Trust has to be earned and trust can be long standing and then lost by one mistake or very poor action and then take much time for trust to be regained, if ever.

Sincerity is a must, but many are very insincere, as power is used as a tool to gain the upper hand, so, less use of power and more of sincerity and trust.


Source: Minister promises “increased transparency” to build trust in GP patient data scheme | The BMJ

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