Spain refuses to comply with the recommendations of the Council of Europe for human rights in Catalonia

This is in no way a surprise as the Spanish Authorities only wish is to punish anyone who gets in the way of Spain. They have no desires to respect individual rights of any individuals.

Catalonia was granted decision making powers, but when using them against the wishes of Spain, refuses to allow the decisions to stand and instead takes legal actions against the individuals. Now Spain refuses to accept the decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), so are not respecting democratic actions.

Spain although claiming to be a democratic country are acting in such a way that they aren’t.

This is totally wrong and they should be made to suffer for this, but doubt that they will be., so Spain will continue to do as they please.

Josep Goded

The Council of Europe’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights has published the follow-up report to its previous resolution regarding Spanish political issues. The resolution, issued in 2021, called for the release of Catalan political prisoners, legal reform involving sedition, and the end of repression against the independence movement.

In the report, the EU Council rapporteur, Boris Cilevičs, criticizes the extradition orders against Catalan exiles; and the possible overturning of the pardons given to the political prisoners.

“It would be very unusual and unfortunate if the pardons, once announced and implemented to release the nine prisoners, were annulled,” Cilevičs said.

Cilevičs also denounces the fact that the Spanish state has not reformed the crimes of sedition and rebellion in the penal code.

“The reform of the rebellion and sedition laws cannot be postponed too long,” he said, regretting that it was not on the Spanish government’s agenda presently. According…

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