Nadhim Zahawi threatens 20% cuts to NHS and education in wave of Tory leadership austerity – Mirror Online

The multi-millionaire Chancellor said it would fund tax cuts – but Labour said he had exposed the cost of Tory tax jostling will be ‘dramatic cuts to the NHS, policing and schools’



As there is now a new leader of the Conservative Party contest it could well be that Nadhim Zahawi will not be the new Chancellor so his threat of more austerity cuts of 20% to the NHS and Education may not materialise.

However, whoever will be the new Chancellor needs to understand from 2010 to 2020 we already had 10 years of austerity cuts and then additional finance problems due to COVID, hence the state of the UK financially today with many areas in crisis and strikes materialising in virtually every sector.

So the, very last we will want is more austerity cuts, growth is what is required and for workers to have salaries on which they can survive while having services that are desperately needed without more cuts on them.

A reversal of the austerity cuts over the 10 year period is what is required so that Local Authorities, (LAs) have sufficient funds to ensure the cuts in services are also reversed and that their workers have salary income to enable them to live.

Without these reversals we can, effectively, say goodbye to many, if not all LA services which we all rely on, some more than others.

Other workers also need to have salary increases and inflation, which is steeply rising, to also be reversed, it is not going to be easy, but could be achieved by some readjustments in the ever widening of the wealth gap in the UK,.

A possible way is to restrict the income of the top earners in each organisation is to have some factor in which their income is restricted to a certain percentage to that of their lowest paid employees and benefits for the poor, disabled and sick being increased inline with the current inflation rates.

This will need some alteration to rates on businesses in that each organisation pays all the they should be doing, by closing any ‘loopholes’ that are allowing them to reduce the amount of money they pay through the raft of taxes on their businesses and this also applies to the very high earners in all businesses.

There is an urgent need for ‘levelling’  up, which has been promised for sometime, but not delivered.

We all need to pull together, so that we all come through, not just a stated few.


Source: Nadhim Zahawi threatens 20% cuts to NHS and education in wave of Tory leadership austerity – Mirror Online


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